Shane Hollingberry
Vital statistics
Title Shane, Mr. Hollingberry (by teachers), Boy (by some Red Tails)
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction School: Wolf Pack & House of Nerin
Health Alive
Level 1st Grader
Status Believer
Location White City

"Hi I’m Shane Hollingberry. I’m a 13-year-old boy in the 7th grade, and an orphan at the Barbara Orphanage. I’m also African American with short jet black hair and I’m small for my age - 4.10"

-Description of Shane Hollingberry

Shane Hollingberry (born sometime in 1998) is a Believer wizard in the White City of Atlantis.

Life before Atlantis

Little is known about Shane before Atlantis. He attended the Santa Barbara Mission Institute for two years (his sixth and seventh grade school year). During his time at this school, he eventually became friends with Dioma Yale since they lived in the same orphanage.

The Field TripEdit

On the last day of school during his seventh grade year (spring 2011), he went on a field trip to Axel's Sub Dock with Dioma Yale . While in the submarine, Shane noticed a golden Greek column broken in pieces on a rock reef. Also, Shane noticed a pack of sea horses swimming around which was unusual in the Pacific. After surfacing, Shane went to the gift shop and bought the book Great Sea Legends of the World.

Discovering the Water StoneEdit

Going to the Atlantian Institute of MagicEdit

Protecting the Water StoneEdit

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